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thanks for the workaround. You make a great service for WinSCP. I wonder why the problem is new because i use the FTP server of Fritzbox which is a pretty popular router.
Greetings… Zapp

Re: GET command does not work

WinSCP tries to change working directory to /USB01/wifi.txt to detect if wifi.txt is a file or a folder. Your server allows changing working directory to /USB01/wifi.txt, so WinSCP rightfully believes that the entry is indeed a folder.

You can try to workaround this by using a filemask, like /USB01/[w]ifi.txt. This way, WinSCP will retrieve a directory listing of /USB01, looking for a file matching [w]ifi.txt mask. Hopefully the listing will correctly present wifi.txt as a file.

Re: GET command does not work

Here is the attachment.
I additionally want to mention: when i use wildcards instead of the filename the GET command works.

Re: GET command does not work

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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GET command does not work

Hi, can someone please please help me with a stupid problem. The GET command does not work - either in a batch file or on the command line. Instead of downloading the file WiFi.txt WinSCP 5.13.6 creates a folder named WiFi.txt
Here is the display. The filename and foldername are correct, otherwise there is a specific error.

winscp> ls

D---------   0                           0              ..
-rwxrwxrwx   0 ftp      ftp            893 Dec 12 20:12 wifi.txt

winscp> get -transfer=binary wifi.txt c:\users\a\
wifi.txt                  |            0 B |    0,0 KB/s | binary |   0%