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Re: Inconsistent Synchronization Mode term

Thanks for your report!
I've fixed the documentation link for now.

Inconsistent Synchronization Mode term

Hi, I noticed that in the .NET assembly, it is specified a
enumeration with values of
Local, Remote, Both

The problem is that the corresponding "Synchronization mode" on the GUI admits instead the values "Synchronize files mode", "Both mode", "Mirror files mode".
What in the GUI instead admits the values "Local", "Remote", "Both" is another option, the "Synchronization Direction".

This can be confusing, so much so that in the documentation, the paragraph dedicated to the
parameter of the .NET assembly (link) is linked to the "Synchronization mode" of the GUI (link). But this is wrong! In fact, the allowed values do not match.

Would it be appropriate to make the two worlds coherent (NET and GUI) or at least modify the documentation?