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Re: Windows 2003 Bad File Security on SSH Copy

Try to setup default permissions for the uploaded files. However it may not help you for the way openssh maps the UNIX-style permissions to the Windows-style.

Windows 2003 Bad File Security on SSH Copy


First time using openssh, i have set it up on a windows 2003 server and all is well, i think. my problem is this....

When i succesfully login to my openssh server using for eg: winscp, all goes well, when i transfer to the openssh server, the files copies succesfully, but when, on the opessh server, you take a look at the files properties on the security Tab, full permissions are not set, this means you have to take ownership of the file and then set the permissions you want on i, this is a problem as i need everyone to have full permission on the files being tranferred.

can anyone help?