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You are probably correct.

I'm getting a bit desperate.

I think most of he issues are a lack of understanding on the server setup, and how it handles sftp or ssl over ftp, most of which I don't understand.

I would have expected (hoped??)that setting up some form of secure file transfer would be somewhat straight forward based on what I have read in WinSCP's documentation

The server has software running that blocks an IP address that has more than a predetermined number of unsuccessful log-in attempts within a time window. During my experimentation, I have run foul of this, and it locked me out!!!!

Since my initial post, I have found that using TLS/SSL (with explicit encryption) logs in is successfully, but the connection times out while waiting to display the remote folder contents.

Again, I think it is a server issue, but there seems to be little straight-forward reading material to help me understand what is going on, who to talk to and how to fix it.

That is why I turned to this forum. The folk who read it may be able to help me.



I do not think you have a question on WinSCP.
You need to contact your local administrator. We do not know anything about your "invasion-attack software".


I am becoming more confused and seeking some assistance that I can understand (being a novice!!!)

I have successfully used WinSCP in GUI mode for sometime, and have made a little fora into using it in an automation project from a batch (.bat) file. Everything I have done to date is using the plane-old ftp.

However, the industry is drifting away from ftp to a secure ftp. This in itself is understandable due to attacks from outside or undesirable sources.

I know that WinSCP can be arranged so that it permits a secure login to the top (root) of the directory structure of a server (I have watched a colleague do it) and is appeared to be fairly straight forward from the GUI interface. While this is OK for informed people, having access to the root (top??) directory is downright dangerous, especially with novices like me.

I know that different ftp usernames / logins can be configured at a CPANEL (or equal) level by the site keeper that will restrict access to a specific folder (and any sub-folders the user chooses to create).

However, when I try to perform the same operation using sftp, the invasion-attack software on the server locks out my IP address permanently, and I must contact the keeper to unlock it.

So, I am seeking the following answers.

1. What has to happen to the server end (if anything) to enable secure FTP to a low-down nominated folder.
2. What (if anything) has to happen at the client end (to the WinSCP scripts) to make it all happen.

All the searching I have done does not tell me this.

Please help