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Re: Fix for 5.13

Thank you.

Re: Fix for 5.13

Any update if this could possibly be released in 5.13?

Re: Fix for 5.13

The primary reason I ask is that version 14 is still considered a release candidate, and this is a product deployed widely in our organization. We can’t speak to what sites are users are connecting, or trusted.

Re: Fix for 5.13

@MrPippin: I'll consider it.
But to be honest, this is such a negligible problem.
Are you not trusting your server?
And are you actually using SCP protocol at all?

Fix for 5.13

Any chance this is being backported to 5.13?

Re: reporting a vulnerability

Thanks for your post.
I'm sending you an email to the address you have used to register on this forum.

reporting a vulnerability

How should a vulnerability in WinSCP be reported?

I would want to keep embargo on the issue while the authors triage the issue, so posting it to this forum likely isn't a good idea.