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Topic review


OK. We will see, if more people ask for this.

Generally, I use the color to specify the server usage (Production => red, Development => green, etc...)

But I could have Multiple connection to a production server.
Of course I can use other colors, but this means lot of color used!

Protocol could be added like a small mini icon displayed on the computer screen or on the side (I mean something like that:
For example :
- FTP : no change
- SFTP : shield icon
- AS3 : amazon icon

Since icons are already very small, not sure if the render could be good...

Different favicon depending on connection type


Sometime I have to add different connections types for the same server (1 FTP & 1 SFTP) and I wish to use the same name.
But it's hard to recognize them since they all look the same (blue screen computer) and I need to prefix them with FTP or SFTP.

Maybe you could display a different icon depending on the connection type (FTP, SFTP, etc...)?