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Re: Update

This is definitely not something WinSCP does on its own.
You may have some smart firewall that blocks a network access for outdated software.
Though "would not work" is vague. What was the exact reason for the connection not being allowed? Did you check a log file?


Yes, it was an update to WinSCP itself, not a Windows update.

Re: Pending update/scripting

Update of what? WinSCP? Windows? In any case, it's not an expected behaviour.

Pending update/scripting

Good Morning,

I had a weird experience the other day and I am hoping to get some insight if this is normal behavior or not. I use scripts to automate using winscp and it would not work until an available update was installed. Is it normal behavior to stop the functionality of winscp until an update is installed, or should it work regardless? What are my options for stopping updates or automating updates?