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Was able to get this running by installing WinSCP on a shared network drive and calling to that and IP addresses in the batch file.

Running WinSCP Batch from Network location?

I have a built/working batch file stored on a local server. Running the batch file from the local server works fine, functions as it should. From my machine, which is still on the local network and has access to this server, it will not run the Batch file. First error I received was that it doesn't support UNC paths.

My attempted fix around this was to map the drive location of the Batch file to my local machine, change the batch file to use the drive paths of the server rather than its \\server paths. Now running the batch file from my machine just says "The system cannot find the path specified". However the batch file still works fine if I log into the server it is stored on and just run it from there.

Is there another work around for this? I need to be able to execute the batch file from a machine other than the server the batch file is stored on.