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Automatically connect to sftp server through a sftp gateway


I have the following problem:
I am trying to automate a sftp session through a sftp gateway using the following parameters:

target: gatewayserver
user: gw-user,sftp-user@sftpserver:990

Starting the session I am getting asked for the password of gw-user on the gatewayserver.
Typing in the password the login process continues.
Then I am asked for the 2nd password for user sftp-user on sftpserver.
Giving the password the connection is established and put/get files are working.
I have created the cmd export script for the session and this script is working, too, if I fill in the password during the login process.
My current open string for the command without passwords is as follows

open sftp://gw-user,sftp-user@sftpserver:990@gatewayserver or
open sftp://gw-user%%2Csftp-user%%40sftpserver%%3A990@gatewayserver

Where do I need to give the 2 passwords?

Can you help me?