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Re: File Not Transferring on One Computer but not on Another

Please attach session log files from both machines.

Note that in C#, you should better use WinSCP .NET assembly:
Patrick Buchanan

File Not Transferring on One Computer but not on Another


A colleague and I have been developing an interface that will read an xml file generated by the server we are using WinSCP to communicate with. Long story short, everything works perfectly on my laptop, and the file is copied from the remote to the local wit no issue. That isn't the case for my colleague, who will get an error once we try to open the file locally because it's not being transferred to begin with. Even after sharing the same c# code and the same script file, we can't get it to work.

My question is whether there are known issues with security settings or something to that effect? Something external to WinSCP that would disrupt the "get" command?

I have attached the c# code that completes this operation, and I have included the script file text in the File Comment section. We aren't using the GUI, and we are using SFTP.