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But if i restart session, it's not possible. Right.
I saw that incomplete files will stay, and
when connection breaks i notice that incomplete files
just omitted even after i press "continue[ or something]"
in a prompt [ what to do with this copy queue].
Just feels like there is no track for "fileWrite100%", and
incomplete files just left alone.

Re: When canceling queue..

web5 wrote:

It's no use for it

You can resume the transfer using the incomplete file.

When canceling queue..

To be sure:
- when i cancel the queue,
currently partially copied file will be dropped from
finishing 100%, and that dest. file will be left in that state.
[ that was result for my situation]

Maybe it will be better solution to remove incomplete file after
queue interruption. It's no use for it, and will cause problem
when i choose to 'skip overwrite existent files' for dest. in
the next copy operation.

Re: Cancel Queue after Current File Copied [ option would be nice]

Thanks for your suggestion. It makes sense.
We will see if more people ask for this.

Cancel Queue after Current File Copied [ option would be nice]

My usage/expectation:
1. i use WinSCP to move allot of files using F5
2. in a queue list i see source folder and changing current name files
3. And i would like to have the option to
"Cancel this Queue After Current file Done"

- if i cancel the queue, i would like to the current file write 100% to dest.
and then i restart the queue and complete the rest file.
- Issue here is when i cancel now queue, last written files is not 100% complete
and after queue restart WinSCP don't check is filesize matches.