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$transferOptions = New-Object WinSCP.TransferOptions
$transferOptions.FileMask = "| ~*"
$transferOptions.AddRawSettings("ReplaceInvalidChars", "0")

Looks to be related to the Transfer settings > Filename modification > replace "\:*?`"
I uncheck this in the GUI is will this be reflected while running in PS,
its set to true?
"DefaultConfiguration          : True"

If not how would I set it to replace?
PS C:\Users\19202> $session

ExecutablePath                :
ExecutableProcessUserName     :
ExecutableProcessPassword     :
AdditionalExecutableArguments :
DefaultConfiguration          : True
DisableVersionCheck           : False


Found this on the wiki.

2F, the hexadecimal code (in ASCII and Unicode) for the slash character

Error transferring file - No such file or folder. Syntax error in parameters or arguments.

Is there a simple method to correct this, so WinSCP looks at the file name as just a name?

See below some files names with "% and numbers" cause WinSCP to interpenetrate it as /
%2f to /
Plus others that cause this error "Syntax error in parameters or arguments."

Source *_%2F9%5FVNE%2DJ_Index15970626.pdf ftp upload info *_/9%5FVNE%2DJ_Index15970626.pdf

Error transferring file '\\clenas01\abc_filegroup$\fg1\FILE GROUP 95\https___pam.cws-gr.com_audits-audTrans-print.cfm_%2F9%5FVNE%2DJ_Index15970626.pdf'.
Copying files to remote side failed.
https___pam.cws-gr.com_audits-audTrans-print.cfm_/9%5FVNE%2DJ_Index15970626.pdf: No such file or folder.

Error transferring file '\\clenas01\abc_filegroup$\fg1\FILE GROUP 95\https___pam.cws-gr.com_audits-auditReport.cfm_%2F%3C%24%3A%3DHJ_Index15965236.pdf'.
Copying files to remote side failed.
Syntax error in parameters or arguments.

Error transferring file '\\clenas01\abc_filegroup$\fg1\FILE GROUP 95\https___pam.cws-gr.com_audits-audTrans-print.cfm_%2E%3C%24%3A%3_Index15968099.pdf'.
Copying files to remote side failed.
Syntax error in parameters or arguments.