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Re: Network Error: Software caused connection abort

Thanks for your report.
Are you able to upload any file using WinSCP?
Did you try any other SFTP client?

Network Error: Software caused connection abort

Windows System: Windows 10
WinSCP: 5.13
Transfer Protocol: SFTP
I just recently started getting this error after using WinSCP for several weeks, and am not sure what the cause is.
I first noticed that every time I would edit a file on the server I was logged into and click save, it would go to the upload queue and then stay there at 0% with nothing happening. So next I tried to edit the file on my own computer and then drag and drop it in order to upload, and was immediately disconnected and given the error message: "Network error: Software caused connection abort" (picture attached). I would try to reconnect but would similarly fail. Instead of dragging and dropping the file, I tried right click->upload, and received the same error message.
I made sure that the WinSCP app was given access through the firewall via Windows Defender, and it is.
I followed the instructions on the "help" link here
that was displayed, and turned off the "optimize connection buffer size", but it did not work either.
I've attached my log file.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.