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Indeed, you have to use scripting.

You cannot use "Keeping remote directory up to date", as your requirement basically contradicts the purpose of the function.

That's a gui question, can I accomplish my task by using the interface. I did some research and found a script that does it but I have very low scripting knowledge. I'll have to take some time to get it together.

Re: Help Keeping remote directory up to date

Is this a scripting question or GUI question? If it is a scripting question, please show us your code.

Help Keeping remote directory up to date

I have a remote folder that I "keep up to date" with a local folder. I have it running all day long and it only grabs .jpg and .pdf files.
It works great but I would like to add an extra step to this process. I would like to move synced folders to an archive folder once they have been uploaded.
So if I drop folderA in the local directory, I want it automatically uploaded to the remote directory (I've gotten that far) and then, remove folderA from the local directory and put it in an Archive folder.
Please help and thanks in advance.