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About random directory

If I want to edit remote file, winscp may download the file in a temporary directory(may be /temp/winscp11111) to my local computer. And if I open another file in the same directory as the remote file, winscp create another temporary directory (may be /temp/winscp22222), which may cause I can't open them in the same external editor.(Like I use Atom, the directory can't show two files simultaneously.)
More specifically, if I open an remote file (document/a.txt on remote machine) and another file (document/b.txt), and if I want to open two files together, I don't want one in /temp/winscp11111/document/a.txt and another in /temp/winscp22222/document/b.txt on my local computer. Maybe I just want them in /temp/document together, but without creating random seed file.
Am I making sense? Is there any possible way to solve this? Thanks a lot!