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Re: Make WinSCP work with IBM HOST (tiny fix)

I'm not sure what you ask for. Are you asking for a "fix" to WinSCP GUI, so that it can work with IBM HOST? Or is this about scripting?

Make WinSCP work with IBM HOST (tiny fix)

hi i'd like for winscp to be able to download files from IBM Host.

Currently it's possible to connect, browse and view files. But download fails with "Error changing directory to '/'''. Command CWD fails: access to resource is denied by server.", which looks like a simple path resolution error.

I think this is due to winscp assuming
as the path separator and incorrectly prefixing it to each

The generated powershell transfer code that doesen't work is :
& "~\scoop\apps\winscp\current\" `

  /command `
    "open -rawsettings CacheDirectories=0 CacheDirectoryChanges=0" `
    "cd /'PATH.TO.DIR'" `
    "lcd C:\" `
    "get -transfer=ascii A7ID001" `

But a removal of that slash in
makes it work beautifully. but only when executing from the command line and not in the gui...