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How did you install PuTTY? What exact package did you use?
Does this registry key exist?
What does the key contain?
What sessions do you see on the PuTTY login dialog, when you start PuTTY 0.71? Do you see "WinSCP temporary session" there?

Sorry, the error message was here because I didn't put the name of the log file.

The there is no error, and no log file created with 0.7.1 (the is one with 07.0)

Thx for your attention.

The command is (password remplaced by XXXXXXXX)
"C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe" -load "WinSCP temporary session" -pw XXXXXXXX -t -m "C:\Users\Jacques Pyrat\AppData\Local\Temp\putty.txt"

And the temp file contains :
cd '/var/www/_pyrat/' ; /bin/bash -login

Tested from command line with putty 0.7.0 : OK
With Putty 0.7.1 : fail with no message

With -SESSIONLOG I have this error dialog :

PuTTY Error
Unable to open connection to
Host not found

Re: Putty 0.71 session windows close immediatly with no text showed

What is "session lau[n]ch"? What exactly do your click?

Try holding down Ctrl+Shift while clicking. WinSCP copies PuTTY command it would execute to a clipboard, instead of executing it. Post the command here. Also try to execute the command from command-line.

Putty 0.71 session windows close immediatly with no text showed


Since WinSCP 5.15.0 (on Win 10 1809, french), when I click on session lauch, I see a black windows that closes immediatly.
Reinstalling Putty 0.70 re-ennable working putty sessions.

My configuration is set to :
%PROGRAMFILES%\PuTTY\putty.exe -t -m "%TEMP%\putty.txt" !`cmd.exe /c echo cd '!/' ; /bin/bash -login > "%TEMP%\putty.txt"`

(it opens the current directory in Putty SSH session)

But it doesn't work with