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I've managed it to get it working!
again thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


Martin, thanks for the answer.
I've tried setting up an SSH tunnel in winSCP, but that doesn't work.
So i have to do it via putty.

can you help me with one thing? I don't understand this:
In PuTTY configure a session for Server A. I.e. particularly fill in Host Name. Then switch to Connection > SSH > Tunnels page

how do i configure a session in putty and then switch to connection > SSH > Tunnels page?

thanks for the help!

sftp to AWS via other machine

good day,
when we try to connect to an AWS machine directly from our own windows pc the connection is refused by the firewall.
There is a machine that has direct access to AWS and that is the server responsible for the data distribution.
in WinSCP we can reach this machine with a sudo command.

in putty it's no problem to connect with a sudo command to the distribution server and then with sftp or ssh connect to the AWS machine.

My question is: is it possible in WinSCP to first connect with sudo to the distribution machine and then from that machine connect with sftp or ssh to the AWS server?

thanks for any help!