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Topic review


Thanks for the consideration!

I think it would be fine to just ignore any sections that use wildcards. Or maybe options in wildcard sections could affect all imported hosts which match, and ignored otherwise.

As above: How exactly do you imagine WinSCP should work with the OpenSSH config?

The config file is not a site manager (while some use like this). It's a pattern matching configuration file.

I think it would be helpful if it were supported as an import source in the "Import sites" dialog box. Of course not all OpenSSH options could be supported, but at least the HostName, Port and User settings could be processed and imported.

However this would still involve a syncing process so maybe it doesn't meet the other poster's needs. But it would be fine for me.

How exactly do you imagine WinSCP should work with the OpenSSH config?

That would be very useful for me also. My openssh config file describe all the servers I need to access on a regular basic (including jumpbox), so it would be awesome if I didn't have to worry about keeping this information in sync with my WinSCP configuration when I need to fetch/upload a file on a machine.

Re: support .ssh/config

I will be good have something like this setup. As we also use git and like to use config file to manage host.

Re: support .ssh/config

Thanks for your suggestion.
We will see, if more people ask for this.

support .ssh/config


As i suppose we use more git for windows or other tooling Ubuntu from the market, it could be cool to have a folder "ssh config" that will be automatically populated by the content of the file. Direct editing should be nice but later ?

Also if i have a host named 'srv-ansible' the URL like sftp://srv-ansible/ should go to the right server, with the good user name, using the good id file, like openssh should do ;)


Host ansible srv-ansible
 User ebt

Thank you for having taken the time to read.