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Re: So close

What should I specify?
Can you post the log file?

So close

As I said in title I think I’m very close. I am confused about parameters in the OPEN command. I believe the server key is correct. If you could specify, IN ENGLISH, it might clear up a lot.
I appreciate your response ! Lar

Re: I'm so close...

The exclamation mark is a part of the error message. It has nothing to do with your problem.

You most probably specified a wrong fingerprint in your script.

If you want our help, please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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I'm so close...

So, I'm trying to buil;d an automated FTP file upload using WINSCP. I'm close - I think.
I did have an issue on how to pass user and password. I think I'm past that - now.
Appears I had to enter a -hostkey="ssh-rsa 1024 keygoeshere...hQ=0"
When I run the batch, I get...
Host key does not match configured key "ssh-rsa keygoeshere...hQ=0"!
Where the heck did the ! (exclamation point) come from ???