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Re: Software caused connection abort when not logged on to server

Sorry, I have no idea.

Forgot to mention

The SSIS job runs as the SQL Agent Account which is SQLSERVERAGENT. If it fails under that, I then try to run as a proxy user account that has admin rights on the box. When this problem occurs both fail. If I log on to the server with the admin account and then log back off. The job runs fine as SQLSERVERAGENT or the proxy account. In testing I've removed everything from the registry which shouldn't be needed since it reads the ini file so then I cleared everything there so that only the script is read. I can't determine from the logging why it's not connecting to the server to do the initial handshake without that odd login. FYI - There is no firewall on the server but there is a hardware firewall.

Software caused connection abort when not logged on to server

If I am logged into the Server 2012 box then my SSIS works fine. When I am logged off it does not. I've read all the troubleshooting and I've tried a bunch of things.

Today the SSIS failed so I decided to troubleshoot and add log level 2.

I can change script to send the wrong hostkey and password just to test but it's like the connection to the server isn't even made to check those things.

If I log on and then log back off and run the ssis again it will work. Eventually this begins to fail again so I have to log back on and log off.

Any ideas?