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Forbidden connection

Hi ! I'm sorry for the very late response. There has been a lot going on since I started this thread and I eventually forgot about my issue
I haven't really tried, since I downloaded a few and encountered issues that prevented me from even reaching the point of logging in. Filezilla wouldn't download itself, as an example, and I can't remember how many I tried but it was maybe 3 or 4 each with their own issues

Re: Forbidden connection

Can you connect with any other SFTP/FTP client?

Forbidden connection

Hi !
For a few days now I've been encountering issues when trying to log into my server.
I checked with the support from my host and I didn't do any mistakes.

I have an SFTP connection but I was recommended by a technician working for my host to try FTP which is supposed to be supported, though it did not work either.
When I try to log in I just get a "Access denied" message, regardless of using SFTP or FTP.
Once I tried with FTP and encryption (explicit I think) it displayed another message : "we can't recognise this certificate" with a couple details.
As I said, there was no mistake in my identifiers (hostname, username, port number, password) so this message shouldn't appear

Do you know how I could fix that ? Thanks a lot :)



NB : I am using WinSCP latest version to my knowledge, updated a few days ago. THe problem was occurring before and after.