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OK, I understand now.
Thanks for your suggestion.
We will see, if more people ask for this.

What does it mean "files that require compression"?

Text files with a high grade of compression. Think on this: It's very common to have opened sessions without compression. Then you like to transfer a high list of text files. In this case you have two options: or continue without compression, or open a new session with compression.

But, if WinSCP has the option to enable/disable compression you only need to use it.

You agree?

Re: Live enable/disable compression

What does it mean "files that require compression"?

Live enable/disable compression


I suggest to add one option to enable/disable compression when a session is stablished. This can be achieved by a Session Key re-exchange. This will be useful when you connect without compression (good default) and then you need to transmit some files that requires compression.

I hope you like to support this.
Thank you!