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Looking for some scripting help :)

I am new to WinSCP,a convert from filezilla.

I am running winscp on Windows 7. I run a Linux server that I would like to back up to this machine regularly, but I know very little of coding and nothing of the scripting system here.

The server I run is a Minecraft server. I would like to download all the files EXCEPT one directory (it is map files which are just large image files that don't need backup and would take too long.)

Ideally, the script would create a directory on my home machine with the date as name YYYY.MM.DD Then just download everything but the image directory. That is basically what I am doing now manually.

My home machine is not on 100% of the time and when it is on, I am sometimes busy and a download would disrupt things. So if it is possible, the script would be able to ask me if it can download or if it should postpone. I typically backup every 3 days, but the option to override the schedule would be preferred ... it would be nice to have a "download now" option.

Thank you for any help you can provide to this newbie :) It is much appreciated!