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I, too, want this so I can set up YubiKey auth on my VPS's. Xshell already supports it... now I just need WinSCP to do so.

Re: WebDAV Client Certificate File With Hardware Token?


I found there is support for smartcards via the PKCS#11 wrapper interface:
Smartcard-based client certificates are also supported via a PKCS#11 wrapper interface.

It would be nice if WinSCP would support the PKCS#11-interface.

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Re: WebDAV Client Certificate File With Hardware Token?

WinSCP does not support this atm.

WinSCP uses neon library for HTTPS/WebDAV.
You can look into it, if there's a way to make it support HW tokens.

WebDAV Client Certificate File With Hardware Token?


I'm interested in using WebDAV with client certificate authentication using private keys on a hardware token. This presumably would require use of a PKCS library or integration with the Windows CAPI subsystem to interact with the hardware. Firstly, is currently a way to use WinSCP in this manner? If not, is there anything fundamentally preventing development of this capability (which I could look into).