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Marcus F

keep up to date only files older than 3 minutes failing


I ran for a long time winscp on command prompt on windows server. See below.
Now I create some files which get copied faster to my remote server than they are finished written on my windows machine. However, the writing still takes less than a minute and the completed file has the same time stamp as the partially copied remote file.
I changed my script including a filemask (see below, now commented out) so that it only copies ones the file is older than 3 minutes. However, no winscp does not copy the files at all anymore as it does not detect them as a change later.
Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong can improve?
(Please note I am not a scripting expert so please keep advice in a dummy language)


open sftp://XXX -hostkey="XXX"
option batch continue
keepuptodate D:\Serial_EM_raw_data\ /rawdata
#keepuptodate -filemask="<=3N" D:\Serial_EM_raw_data\ /rawdata