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Copy Multiple Files from Multiple Directories (Local) to 1 Single Folder (Remote FTP Server)

I need to be able to copy multiple files from multiple local directories to a remote FTP server and then move the local (uploaded) files to multiple local folders on successful upload something like this:

Local Files to upload:
D:\edi\850\DirA\file1.edi (Multiple files file1.edi, file2.edi, etc.)
D:\edi\850\DirB\file1.edi (Multiple files file1.edi, file2.edi, etc.)

Remote File: /outbox/edi (All local files uploaded from above are placed in this directory)

Upon successful upload, Local files need to be moved to archive folders:
D:\edi\850_Archive\DirA\file1.edi (Multiple files file1.edi, file2.edi, etc.)
D:\edi\850_Archive\DirB\file1.edi (Multiple files file1.edi, file2.edi, etc.)

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!