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Re: Synchronize both -delete[local|remote]

Thanks for your suggestion.
Yes, it should work.

We will see, if more people ask for this.

Synchronize both -delete[local|remote]

Currently synchronize “both” does not support delete. I presume because it doesn’t have enough information to know which server to delete files from.

I have a process which requires files deleted from server A to be deleted from server B, but always synchronize newer files on either server to the other.

I accomplish this now by running 2 sync operations. First, a synchronize remote -delete then another synchronize both.

This accomplishes the goal, but takes twice as long because it has to evaluate the directories twice.

If the synchronize both command allowed for more specific delete switches like “-deletelocal” and “-deleteremote” could it work in one pass?

Thanks! Love this tool :)