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Re: Script creating empty directories

You two unrelated problems.
1. The %2F is caused by */. It should be either * only or you can omit that parameter altogether.
2. To avoid creating empty directories, use -rawtransfersettings[1] ExcludeEmptyDirectories=1

Script creating empty directories

What Im trying to do is have winscp get all files and their folders created in the last hour.

The code im using is

open -rawsettings ProxyPort=0

cd /apps/directory/another"
lcd M:\Local\
get -filemask="*>=1H" /apps/directory/another/ */

The problem is when I run the code it creates a local folder "%2F" with sub folders on my ftp server in them. The folders themselves are empty unless one was created within the last hour, then it downloads the file.

My question is how do i stop this happening and just download new folders?

Thanks in advance