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Re: tried 3 times to submit this simple report to the forum

I'm sorry that you had problems submitting your post.
Can you reproduce the problem? If you can, can you give us more details?

tried 3 times to submit this simple report to the forum

I logged into the forum and wrote a long report about what I like about WinSCP and that I was going to make a donation.
When I clicked on "submit" I got a page which said "Prove that you are not a robot", and it went nowhere, it was a dead end.
So I'm going to skip the donation, but I will still continue to use WinSCP, it works better and faster than CuteFTP, FileZilla and CoffeeCup, which I had used for 25 years.
WHen I tried to submit this message I was told that my user name had already been taken. So apparently I had been logged out during the time I was writing my message. So I am now having to write my message a third time. This is the last time I will try to submit. This forum is useless for me, but the program works very well.