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Re: Unable to change language on WinSCP

Thanks for your feedback.
Can you now reproduce the problem?
Does the problem happen in the normal version too?

Re: Unable to change language on WinSCP

Can confirm this works, cheers.

Re: Unable to change language on WinSCP

Go to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\MartinPikryl.WinSCP_5.15.3.0_x86__tvv458r3h9r5m
(you will need administrator privileges) and execute:
WinSCP.exe /rawconfig Interface\LocaleSafe=1033

Unable to change language on WinSCP

Hi, I bought the UWP version of this client because I enjoyed using it and was quite tired of updates.
However, now I have a problem with this program; I changed the language through the built-in settings, to test how it looked in German, Norwegian, etc, and now I can't switch back to English; attempting to gives the error
Unable to load locale 2057
(note: I used Google Translate for this).
I've tried changing the config, through regedit and importing/exporting config files. However, these haven't worked.
Any advice on how this would be fixed without resetting all of my settings? Thanks.