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Moving multiple files after or during GET (Resolved)


I want to move files on a WebDAV server that have been received from a GET *.jpg to a sub folder on the WebDAV so they are not picked up again. Is there a way to do this please?

If it was only a few files I would usually GET the images to a local folder and using the directory listing reconnect and rm/rename each file. But due to the potential of thousands of image files I do not want to reconnect for each.

Ideally I can do this within an existing VBScript but worse case id do a separate Powershell script to bulk move all the files. (This risks moving new files added as you downloaded the files)

Ideally I can move/rename each file as I GET *.jpg but OK just bulk moving but I you using wildcard in a mv to sub folders doesn't retail the name. It renames s1.jpg, s2.jpg etc.


UPDATE: OK so moving multiple files with wildcard IS possible. But seems when testing I either was not specifying full path and when I was the root path had back-slash as this is how it is defined in config ini. But changing to forward-slash full path it worked.

mv *.jpg /Root_Folder/Sub_Folder/*.*

This did not guarantee I only MV the files I GET so I MV them to Tmp folder and only GET what was in that Tmp folder, then moved the files again to a permanent backup subfolder.

Man, some weird naming stuff happens when not doing this right.