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Re: File Permissions When Transferring

WinSCP by default does not set any permissions.
So either it's the default of your server. Or you have configured WinSCP to set those permission.

We will consider the colors.

File Permissions When Transferring

Windows 7 to Apache server
My new host insists that files may not have a permission of 664. This seems to be the default in WinSCP, which sets off an Internal Server Error. This causes a lot of problems because I need to remember to set new files to 644 after they have been transferred. When doing a bulk transfer it is particularly time consuming. is there a way I can set default permissions or is this something that really has nothing to do with the client?

P.S. Regarding the forum style, this trend of weak gray text causes some of us to squint. I know it's trendy, but it is a trend of interpretive style over readability I will never understand. (Just in case anyone who matters - re: the forum - reads this.