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Re: How to download files with existing timestamp?

Exactly, like you hope for, use the wildcard/file mask: myfile_organization_imp_*.csv

How to download files with existing timestamp?

Using the functionality in WINSCP, I was able to create a batch file and successfully download files to my local server.
However, in future state the files will be delivered to the SFTP with the source applications timestamp already appended.
I am trying to create a script now that will go in to the SFTP and download the file using a wildcard.

The file arrives in the outbound file with the below naming convention:
However, we will not know the full file name to pull, so were hoping to use a wildcard like below:

Any thoughts on how we can achieve this, as we will have 9 different files with different naming conventions, arriving at different times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.