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Re: Not able to access files from Medidata Rave

If you want our help, you will have to explain how do you use WinSCP in your workflow, and what results do you expect, and what do you get instead.

We do not know what "Medidata Rave" nor "SAS JOB 70" are, nor what you mean by "ot getting reports/files on win SCP".

Not able to access files from Medidata Rave

Dear WinSCP Team,
I am not getting reports/files on win SCP for the batch jobs I am running on Medidata Rave.
I contacted Medidata Technical Support Team, they are able to see the SAS JOB 70 ran and it was transferred to FTP path successfully. They asked me to check with WinSCP technical support.
My WinSCP details are as follows:
File Protocol- FTP
Encryption- TLS/SSL Explicit encryption
Host Name-
Port No-21
Username- peeyushkumar.sengar
Let me know if you have any question.


MorphoSys AG
Peeyush Kumar Sengar
Lead Data Manager
Biostatistics & Data Management

Semmelweisstraße 7
82152 Planegg