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Re: How to use WinSCP to back up my website's files.

So it looks like you do not have a question about the back up, but rather about connecting to your web hosting.

So how do you manage your website, if you do not know your web hosting details?

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How to use WinSCP to back up my website's files.

Hi, I wasn't able to find anything about backing up website files in the FAQ.
Version of WinSCP you are using: I assume I'm using the latest version, as I just installed it a few minutes ago.
If the problem started to occur after upgrade, mention the last version of WinSCP which was working for you: irrelevant.
Version of Microsoft Windows you are running WinSCP on: Windows 7.
Transfer protocol: don't even know what this means.
Mention if you use GUI or scripting/automation. If you use GUI, specify interface style you are using: have no idea.
If you experience an error, include full error message: irrelevant.
Try to describe precise steps that lead to the problem: I open WinSCP and am faced with choosing a file protocol (I don't know what this means) and a port number (have no idea what this could be).
If your problems relates to interaction with remote server, please post a full log file showing the problem: irrelevant(?)
For scripting/automation-related issues, include your full script, command-line you use to run WinSCP, and output you see on WinSCP console: don't understand what these are.
I'm not going to feel comfortable doing anything with my site until I've fulfilled the back up prompt. Thanks!