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I have confirmation that the ..."domain rsc.cdn77[.]org for being involved in a reported phishing attempt".

WinSCP's CDN May Be Not Be Resolved Due To Malware

We are having issues using the site due to the CDN site appearing to be flagged as having malware. The web page loads, but it is really ugly since elements from the CDN are not available for the browser to load (I have not tried to download the updated version I came to download). What happens when a site is blocked is the DNS servers upstream from us no longer resolve the address. I placed an inquiry with the group that provides us upstream DNS, but wanted to post this here in case others have the problem. does not resolve for us.

P.S. DNS does NOT appear to be the source of the block since they block malware sites. We are not privy to all of the security in place upstream, but we asked to use the DNS servers that include Quad9.Net back before it actually launched publicly. (Used it over many many months before its public launch.)