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Re: Lost feature drag and drop from desktop to winscp

It works for me. What version of WinSCP were you using before? If you downgrade back to that version, does it start working again? Can you drop to the local panel of WinSCP?

Is bug or not that's the question.

@ScottyH: Not at all. We didn't expect this feature (drag and drop) disabled. We assumed could be a bug. But if it is not, it's ok. Nothing to do.


I assumed this feature was disabled for a reason. Are you saying that's a bug?

Lost feature drag and drop from desktop to winscp

It's not big deal but uncomfortable because we use to drag and drop a lot.

Today we updated to Version 5.15.4 (build 9849). Everything cool as always!
But when we try to drag from desktop to WinSCP window appear "block mouse icon" when is over window winscp.

Any idea of this "behavior"?