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Re: Move / remove the "disconnect session" option when ?

I'm sorry for that. But no, WinSCP does not support customizing the menus.
And the Disconnect logically belongs next to the Close.
I'm sure you get used to it :)

Move / remove the "disconnect session" option when ?


Since the latest update, there seems to be a "Disconnect Session" option when right clicking on a tab. Now, this is a cool feature BUT I keep hitting it by accident! "Duplicate Session" is right next to it - and that used to be in the 2nd position on the menu. So I'm right clicking, then pressing "Disconnect Session" (instead of Duplicate).

Is there a way to remove this option? (I can't ever imagine I would use it - only "Close Session"). I've made this mistake a good 20 times already since upgrading, and its doing my head in :/