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Sorry, me as a newbie was confused with all the possibilities - generated a sript for ftp instead of sftp and wanted it to repair with simply replacing the keyword. After a new generate all works fine. Thank you for reading.

Generated script does not run


I let WinSCP (actual version) under Windows10 generate a script for sftp. If I run the script, it returns an errorlevel=1. The script produces no messages (I expected at least "Searching for host...") and does not create a log.

The script
open sftp://Userxyz:xxxxxxxxx@myServer

lcd C:\Users\Internet\Documents
cd /
put Ellipse.xcf

is called with

"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /log="D:\WinSCP.log" /ini=nul /script="D:\Scripts\ftp_AR.txt"
echo "Errorlevel" %Errorlevel%

Any idea?

Regards, Ralf