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Re: Our WinSCP keeps re-uploading files

Sorry, I do not understand what you ask for.
Do you think that WinSCP somehow uploads the files on its own?

Our WinSCP keeps re-uploading files


We share an SFTP with one of our suppliers. We provide them with csv-files by uploading them to a specified folder in the SFTP, which they then upload in their business-system. When they've fetched the file from the folder it is removed (or at least not visible anymore).

The problem is there probably is some background-process or something accordingly which re-uploads files which has already been processed. This seem to happen during specified times and intervals.

When we upload csv's in the specified folder, most times the folder is empty, but some times it contains older files aswell.

I've scanned the forums a bit, as well as looked through the winSCP-settings a couple of times, but cannot seem to find where the issue lies!

Has anyone of you encountered this before?