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Re: .NET assembly - macOS support

Great Information was very useful for me..

Re: .NET assembly - macOS support

Indeed, WinSCP is Windows-only software. You cannot use it on Mac.

.NET assembly - macOS support


I'm trying to use WinSCP .NET assembly in Visual Studio for Mac.

When I try to open a session (session.Open(sessionOptions);) I get an exception 'WinSCP.SessionLocalException':
The version of .../winscp.exe () does not match version of this assembly .../WinSCPnet.dll (

When I try to disable version check (session.DisableVersionCheck = true;) I get a different exception 'System.DllNotFoundException':
kernel32 assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> member:(null)

I'm quite new with this stuff, do I understand correctly WinSCP .NET assembly isn't supported in case of Visual Studio for Mac and it can only be used with Windows?

Is there any alternatives/workarounds for macOS?

Thank you in advanced