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Re: WinSCP not reading the Samba config

Samba and SCP have nothing to do with each other.
So indeed WinSCP is not reading any Samba config.
In the light of that, do you still think there is a problem that needs solving?

WinSCP not reading the Samba config


I have multiple network shares that are accessed via a central point. When accessing them via File Explorer in Windows using the "Map Network File" feature it works fine and displays everything as expected due to the settings in the Samba config file. However, if I connect to them via SCP it doesn't show as expected (I can get to them but they are not displayed as I set in the Samba config). If the path via the command-line is all lowercase then WinSCP is showing it as all lowercase. Whereas, File Explorer is showing it as camel case as it is set in the Samba config file. This tells me that it is WinSCP that is not reading the Samba config file. The case of the folder names are not important to the user as they can read but it is important that this is evidently ignoring all the settings of the Samba config file.
I do have a chroot jail set up for the users to ensure they cannot get to anywhere but the folders where the shares are. I thought this was causing the issue originally as the user could not get back to /etc and therefore would not be able to read the config, but, with File Explorer still being able to then it cannot be this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!