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Thanks for your feedback. M.

Sorry for late response. Before you posted I discovered that WinSCP was opening on my second monitor, which was turned off at the time. Found this after uninstalling and re-installing latest version. All is well now.
Sorry for false alarm.

Re: WinSCP starts, runs but fails to open window

What if you start it like: winscp /ini=nul - does the window open then?

WinSCP starts, runs but fails to open window

Started new thread as previous thread on this subject appeared to be getting off topic.
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Dell 7440 Ultrabook i7-6600 32GB RAM Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500
WinSCP has never been a problem previously.
After first instance today, downloaded latest version and installed as custom upgrade.
Same issue, starts and runs but cannot access screen, remains as minimized icon in task bar.
Have to use Task Manager to close it.
No errors presented.
Can run a debug version if that would be useful.
Thanks for any assistance