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Re: "Bad Message" Error Transferring File from VMware ESxi 6.5

Can you download that file using any other SFTP client?

"Bad Message" Error Transferring File from VMware ESxi 6.5


I have a VMware ESXi 6.5.0 server with SSH enabled. I am attempting to use WinSCP to transfer a particular virtual disk file (named easylinux.prestige.local-flat.vmdk).

I am able to transfer any other file I have tried on this host machine. However, when I try to transfer this one file, I receive the following error: "Bad message (badly formatted packet or protocol incompatibility). Error code: 5. Error message from server: Bad message."

I have looked online but cannot seem to find any solution that relates to this specific scenario. Any help you could provide in correcting this problem would be greatly appreciated.