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Re: i cant see files

martin wrote:

And can you see those files using any other client?

I tried a few other programs to see if there was another one I could use and well it was a sad experience.

program that could see the files are:

programs that could not see the files are:
CoffeeCup Free FTP
SmartFTP Client
tried some more weird ones but as I could not even get them to work I won't list them here.

but as an update, I did get it to work and I can now see the files but I am not sure why I did not change anything other than shut down the pc for the night and try again the next day.

Re: i cant see files

And can you see those files using any other client?

i cant see files

Hi, I just downloaded the WinSCP to check out the sync function but there is no file on remote location.

the problem I have is this, on the target IP address, I can't seem to see the files in folder trends, the file in question is a "something.SKV" file.

more info
I can see "something.SKV" files on local
I can see "something.SKV" files on remote using Filezilla

I try to attach a log file.