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Deleting a file on the remote system good or bad

WinSCP Version 5.15.2 (Build 9590)
File transfer protocol SFTP
Executed from command line

I am a nubie to WinSCP. I have setup a host and all looks good. I am not utilizing any internal scripting. I am launching the SFTP session from the command line using WinCP.exe with the script parameter and executing some very simple FTP commands (GET, PUT, CD, LCD, etc).
I have a request that I DELETE the files that I am GETting from the remote site once I have downloaded them. My concern is that my code is never really going to know if the files that I have picked up are really picked and now I am being asked to delete them.
My first instinct is to tell the remote site "Delete your own files!", but I want to be sure that I understand the gravity of deleting files.

If I GET *.csv, then I DELETE *.csv, what are the baaaad things that could happen?