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Re: WinSCP Connection timed out Randomly

If you need to retry the connection, you have to script it:

You should also upgrade your copy of WinSCP.

I get the same Error when I using GUI to upload file manually to that server.

WinSCP Connection timed out Randomly

Hi everyone,
I got a Connection Time Out while I uploading file form 1 server to another server.
Some of the file upload successfully but will get 'Network error: Connection timed out' and my program is stop.
Is there anyway to ensure me to get the connection every time my program is uploading the file and or is it WinSCP bug?

I am using Version WinSCP and use SFTP Protocol.
I use Window Server 2012.

Log file is uploaded. The error is happen at the last section. Before this error happen, everything work fine.