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Re: Unexpected output during synchronize operation

Is that a console output? Or a file output?

Unexpected output during synchronize operation

I am using the synchronize command with these settings:
Local path: J:\Builds\Jenkins\DRILQUIP_2456764.0\Applications\\Dev
Remote path: //

When the synchronize runs it prints out this message:

Local 'J:\Builds\Jenkins\DRILQUIP_2456764.0\Applications\\Dev\spe-atce-2019\images' => Remote '//'
Nothing to synchronize.

I thought that maybe it was only synchronizing this one images sub-folder because of that message. I tested making some changes on the local files and synchronizing again. It still prints this message about the images sub-folder but it correctly updates the files in the other folders and prints messages about them too.

Why is it printing out one seemingly random sub-folder in the synchronize message even when there are no changes in that folder to process?