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Thanks for your reply. I didnt know that feature before.
But i was making a different way.
First i open a session server 1 on the right panel and open another session server 2 on right panel again. My left panel stays my local pc and i dont use it. I open a file "file1.css" to edit on right panel of "server1" and when i open same name file "file1.css" from again right panel server2, winscp thinks that they are the same file, so when i save file it can save to wrong server.

So , as i understand , if i open two different servers on two different panel and close sync, it would be ok. I will try that but if i open for example 3 linux server that all having etc folder and try to edit etc/hosts file, it will again cant determine editing file root server.
Or for example i have 6 servers so i need to make a sycn folder for every 6 server each.

If i download file, edit and load manuel to right server, there is no problem but i click file so it autmatickly opens in notapad++ and when i save file in notepad++, it automatickly upload to server but wrong server. Because files that opened to edit are downloaded in Temp/winscp/ folder and for example there is only one etc folder. If u open different servers , all of them use same etc folder. I think it is a problem and main folder names have to be server name at first if i dont miss something.

Perhaps the folder synchronization has become muddled on your system. If the "synchronize browsing" icon (Commands menu) is coloured, click on it to switch it off.
1. Open a folder or directory *which is on server 1* in the left panel
2. Open the same-named folder or directory *which is on server 2* in the right panel
3. Click on "Commands" menu at the top of your screen and click on "Synchronize browsing". (Make sure that the little icon to the left of that name becomes slightly coloured to show you that it is activated).
This will "link" all the folders in panel 1 to all the folders in panel 2. So when you change a directory in panel 1, the directory in panel 2 will also change.
Perhaps this will solve your problem.

Overwrite to wrong file if i open two servers with same path

If i open two servers and if these servers have the same path (public_html or etc/) ,
for example i open etc/hosts file in server1 and close it,
after that open etc/hosts in server2
when i try to save the file in server2, winscp tries to overwrite to server1.
Because the files folder in winscp is not divided by server but only with folder system of server path.
I use notepad++ to edit files.
Do i miss something, are there any adjustment that i have to make to differentiate these different servers with same path and same file name ?